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Race across dangerous waterfalls, swinging vines, rickety bridges, Spitty Sprouts and Barffy Bulbs.


Launch your Gobs through mazes of tunnels and tubes. Smash buttons and levers to open secret passage-ways.


Customize your crew and their trails. The more Gobs you save the bigger your collection gets!

🎖 Training Included

Practice your coordination in our mini-game Training Center.
The more you unlock in the World Maps the more you unlock in the Training Center

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Fuel up & Play More

Spaceships need fuel to get around. If you’re running low, you can always fuel-up at the store. Trade Gems for more fuel and if you run out of Gems you can get more in the store or while playing the game!

Upgrade Your Gameplay

Navigate to the store and load up with gems, trails, Gob Skins, and blind packs! Blind packs are loaded with coins, skins, and trails. If you get a duplicate it’s turned into Gob Coins!


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The more worlds you play, the more Gobsmax you rescue! Choose which Gobs you take with you on each mission, using the Star Powers you assigned them in the Gob Vault.

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The Dark Gobs have a mighty legion led by the Dark Commanders and they’ve already spread across the galaxy, sneaking into all the worlds to kidnap the Gobsmax and suck the Star Powers right out of them! The only thing standing in their way is Max Commander and the Gobsmax Planetary Defense Squad.

But the dark legions have specific infiltration weapons — everything from robotic enhancements, to Red Anti-Matter, to giant hybrid monsters! They will stop at nothing to absorb all the Star Powers and destroy the Gobsmax worlds.

Unlock in-game rewards with Gobsmax toys!

Gobsmax Galaxy is more than an app — you can play with Gobsmax in the real world too!?

Launch your Gobsmax from Cannons, Monster Trucks, and Crash Course sets. Plus, there’s even more to explore with sets ranging from Crunchin’ Critters to a special edition Ryan’s World Collection. Gobsmax toys can be purchased at Walmart, Target, or Claire’s. Grab yours today and smash away!

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